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Product Service

Wood shavings - Wood Chips - Bark Mulch - Humus - Roundwood - Firewood

In our storage place you can order all of our raw materials for private usage. Just drive by and talk to our employees. They can tell you everything you need to know.

Your journey to us you'll find on the map below.

Bark Mulch 0 - 40 mm Bark Mulch 0 - 80 mm

Bark Mulch 0 - 40 mm
Covering Material for horticulture and landscaping
( eg. Flowers etc.)

Bark Mulch 0 - 80 mm
Covering Material for horticulture and landscaping
( eg. Hedges etc.)
Groundchip mixture Wood Chips
Groundchip mixture
Basic Material for composting

Wood Chips
Heating Fuel or
for horticulture and landscaping.

Rawbark Shred Roots

Basic Materials for creation of bark mulch

Shred Roots
For thermic utilisation
Round Wood Chopped Firewood
Round Wood
e.g. for chipboards
Chopped Firewood
Usage: e.g. Fuel for Chimneys, heating systems etc.
Humus Soil Wood Shavings
Humus Soil
For horticulture and landscaping
Wood Shavings
Usage as litter for animals, for chipboards etc.
Truck on our scale
Truck on our scale
Inbound and Outbound of our products are scaled precisely by our yard manager

Of course we deliver your desired product
to your location as you wish.
It is also possible to pick it up yourself,
within our normal business houres.